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Passion is best expressed with a good book

I love books, have been an avid reader all my life, and the best thing is, I love almost every kind of book out there, so I know I will never run out of discovering that next great book. I am always available to proofread any interesting book, just for the pleasure of being able to read it.

Historical fiction at its best.

The Occupation of Eliza Goode - Shelley Fraser Mickle

This is about a modern day woman that is given letters written by Eliza Goode in the mid 1800's. It is moving, and emotional. Just reading the letters she wrote, draws you into her world and the very difficult life she led. She started out with a difficult life, and was forced to make many choices, some concerning her own morality, and also the ones that she encounters in her life. The author did an excellent job of drawing us into Eliza's world, and wondering what was going to happen next. I particularly liked that she finished the story instead of leaving us hanging, which a lot of books seem to do.  I was given this book to read and review, which in no way influenced me on what to write.