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I love books, have been an avid reader all my life, and the best thing is, I love almost every kind of book out there, so I know I will never run out of discovering that next great book. I am always available to proofread any interesting book, just for the pleasure of being able to read it.

Vivid, frightening and painful 5 Stars

Out of Passau: Leaving a City Hitler Called Home - Anna Rosmus

Out of Passau, which is a stand alone follow up to Against The Stream, details one woman's painful experience in trying to get a town to accept their responsibility and history during World War II. The author details how she uncovered the truths of her towns' acceptance of being one of "Hitler's favorite watering holes" during WWII. A great book that once more offers vivid evidence of the terrible suffering of anyone that the Nazi's believed were unfit to live in their Third Reich. What is so very painful, and illuminating about this book is that even present day citizens of Passau are not willing to accept the history of their city and what occurred there during WWII. It still amazes me how many people prefer to deny rather than accept what happened and where it happened. I loved this book, it was so enlightening and real. I would heartily recommend this book to anyone that is planning on visiting Passau, or anyone that would like to learn more truths of what happened during WWII.